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A Bitcoin at $20,000 Inevitable?

For Bitcoin’s maximalist, Samson Mow, reaching $20,000 seems inevitable after exceeding $16,000.

The last few weeks Bitcoin has regained the prominence of the crypto world, after spending several months eclipsed by the rapid rise of decentralized finance. Increasing its price in an accelerated way while most crypto influencers predict the beginning of a new bullish rally of the cryptomoney. Getting to the point where crypto influencing Samson Mow comments in the day’s Tweet, that a Bitcoin at $20,000 is inevitable.

The rise of Bitcoin (BTC) may be inevitable

It’s been years since the last time the Bitcoin market had the strength it has today. And that’s because, unlike what happened after the big bull rally in 2017, when the world of cryptomonies cooled down completely. Today, dozens of projects are born and grow daily under the protection of millions of users around the world, trading with cryptomoney.

So, at this point the rise of Bitcoin seems inevitable. After a matter of weeks it managed to increase its price by several thousand dollars. Breaking in the morning of today finally the resistance of the 16.000 dollars. At the time of writing this article it’s trading at $16,046 per BTC. The highest price that has reached the crypto currency in years.

For Samson Mow, a Bitcoin at $20,000 is inevitable, and for Samson Mow, a Bitcoin at $20,000 is inevitable.

In this context, it shouldn’t be surprising that several crypto market analysts are considering the possibility of seeing a Bitcoin at $20,000 soon. Something that seems inevitable to Samson Mow, who on his Twitter account referred to the big green candle that could be seen today on the Bitcoin chart, when the crypt currency reached $16,000.

„Great green candle. The 16,000 were broken. The 20,000 are inevitable“.

Of course, this is only the opinion of Mow, who has demonstrated maximalist positions in the past. However, considering the reduced resistance Bitcoin encounters on its way to the $20,000. Combined with a significant increase in the demand for cryptomoney in recent months. The scenario of a BTC at 20,000 seems possible.